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Tarifa Inside Out and Round About - By an insider

This book came into being when I realized just how much the visitors to Dar Cilla appreciated all the information – and more especially my own opinions and recommendations – in the Welcome folder in each apartment. Many guests suggested I put it into book form..

I would stress immediately that it is not a guide, that all opinions and recommendations are entirely my own, and that I certainly stand to be corrected on any factual information, although I have done my best to be as accurate and up-to-date as possible.


My own relationship with Tarifa, dating back some 20 years, was initially a hate-love relationship. Now it is without doubt a love relationship 90% of the time! (The 10% surfaces in the overcrowded month of August or when officialdom is particularly irksome). Tarifa is known as a High Wind Area and is particularly well known for windsurfing and latterly kite surfing. I understand it has a lively disco scene, but both surfing and discos I leave to the younger generation to document.

My book is geared to travellers, for those who want to do more than only surfing and sunbathing however fantastic both those 'activities' are here. The visitors to my Dar Cilla Guest House are largely young professionals who do not yet have children, or the junior league of the senior citizens whose children have just left home. They love the sun beds on my fabulous roof terrace, but also want to see more of the area.


You can't find better beaches anywhere round Europe… kilometres of fine, golden sand, dramatic rock formations, excellent swimming, long morning walks when you seldom meet anyone other than the local fisherman and his donkey, and sitting on the dunes watching the sun go down is just magic. Yes, as I say, I am pretty sold on Tarifa now.


My aim is to help the curious, the culture vulture, the bird watchers (lots of vultures), the picnic and nature lovers to optimize their holiday in this area of Andalucia. The scenery in the mountains is breathtaking, the famous black pigs lie prostrate across your path, flowers abound (always of course depending on the season). There are also many residents who, to my surprise, are unaware of some of the charms Andalucia has to offer beside the well-known cities of Granada, Cordoba, Sevilla and Ronda. However, first I want to introduce you to Tarifa itself. Then I would like to make suggestions for trips that you can do in half a day or a day, starting from and returning to Tarifa. Thereafter I want to take you somewhat further afield, but always with Tarifa as your base camp from which to plan further.Thus the title of my book, TARIFA INSIDE OUT AND ROUND ABOUT...

Dar Cilla guests

When you are staying in Dar Cilla there is a copy of the book in each apartment.

Not staying in Dar Cilla

The price per copy is € 12.50. The delivery cost per copy is € 4.50 by normal post. Delivery will take approx. 5 working days. We process the delivery once we have received payment onto our bank account (this is the bank account of Dar Cilla).

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