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Good to know

if you  choose to stay in Dar Cilla you are choosing to be in town.  This has major advantages such  as being able to walk to all bars and restaurants, so no ‘drink and drive’ problems.  You can plan your day so you return to town before the traffic jams build up (those returning from the beach, or coming in to town for an evening out)  so you can still find parking nearby (it is not possible to offer parking, other than for unloading and loading your car).  If you don’t have a car, Dar Cilla is 9 minutes walking distance from the beach.  As in any town – or anywhere where you have immediate neighbours – there is inevitably a minimum of town noise (in the country you could have crowing cockerels and barking dogs!).


We are located just on the edge of town (built in to the 12 century wall) so far enough away from  the ‘disco scene’ to give you a good night’s sleep – except perhaps at Easter when there is the music accompanying the religious processions, or the first night of the annual Feria when 500 horses and the whole of the population comes into town, or the annual weekend called Noche de Blanca (White Nights) when the whole town parties and you have to take the attitude ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’. When you ring to book we can always tell you if you are booking on one of these weekends.  Actually, they are all great fun!

We are located  high above the town so have a view to beat all views from our spacious, well appointed roof terrace.
The apartments are built around a central patio.  We, together with our Spanish builders, made them as soundproof as possible (and we ask guests to walk on soft shoes!). 
We do our utmost to ensure you a peaceful and enjoyable stay.


To ensure that Dar Cilla proves to be the right choice for you, may we remind you that the apartments are self-catering, do not have 24 hour reception/night watchman, daily cleaning or bed-making, or room service.


Dar Cilla does not provide any meals. If you choose not to make your own breakfast  then breakfast bars are nearby. We are a no-smoking establishment, only take children over the age of 12 and do not accept animals.


All apartments in Dar Cilla are for the exclusive use of those guests who register as staying with us. All terraces and patios are inter-linked. There is a large communal roof terrace which all Dar Cilla guests can enjoy.


The larger apartments (Amadeus and Zagora) have patios and terraces which are for their private use; however, these are not 'free-standing' apartments but an integral, inter-connected part of the Dar Cilla Guest House complex and as such are also not for the use of anyone from outside who is not registered as staying in the guesthouse. In the interest of security and the peace and quiet we would ask you to respect this house-rule.

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