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A big thank you to all our guests!!

We love what we do, and we do our utmost to give every guest the 'dream experience', but it is always nice to hear that our guests appreciate it.


It is so great to see that our guests really make the effort to write such detailed reviews. 

Also for Dar Cilla Travel Services we go that extra mile. We are in the process of listing that as a separate business on TripAdvisor and we hope that our guests for whom we have organized their travel through Morocco and those who have spent the day in Tangier with our guide Said (with whom we have now been collaborating for more than 8 years) will also give a little of their time to let us know how we are doing.

Have a look at our Travel Morocco website and you may be interested in combining your stay in the South of Spain with a visit to Morocco - but read this, and the blogs, carefully as it does need a certain mind-set and a travellers' (rather than a tourists') mentality! 


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