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Up-coming events
6- Day Miksang Retreat
9 -14 June in Tarifa 2022

SPECIAL! 6-day Miksang Journey in Tarifa, South of Spain  


Join us in the experience of exploring true visual perceptions and genuine elegant photographic expression 3 consecutive workshops: Miksang 1, 2 & 3...

Yoga and Spectacular views 
Yoga DCRoof.jpg

Yoga sessions on our roof terrace

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

Namaste - My name is Veronica, Hatha vinyasa yoga teacher. I teach classes to all those who seek to know themselves through the movement of the body, coordinated with conscious breathing. In my classes, you will be able to experience from the most basic posture to the most challenging one, how the mind plays an essential role in the practice of yoga. When you practice, you have a great opportunity to observe yourself in silence, to listen to you, not to judge yourself... If you want to give yourself the opportunity to get to know and take care of your body and mind, enjoying yourself, I invite you to participate in the yoga classes that I teach. in the DarCilla space. With respect and enthusiasm, I'll wait for you on the mat!!



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