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The coronation of our Dutch King

This was the day our Queen of the Netherlands abdicated and her son, Willem Alexander, was crowned King and his wife, Maxima, became Queen. Of course I should have enjoyed to be in Amsterdam for this historic event which was so wonderfully orchestrated.

First the official events which were so dignified,: protocol was duly followed, but I am sure there were many with me who felt a tear spill over as Mother handed over to Son. Then the rest of the day was just a wonderful series of events and entertainment, allowing room for the spontaneity of this young couple shouldering such a load. I felt so proud to be Dutch –no, not by birth but by choice and thanks to marriage.

Tarifa remains a predominantly Spanish village, but with an eclectic mix of nationalities. On such a special day, the small Dutch community of young entrepreneurs came together, the orange candles ranged in the shape of W for Willem made an great centre piece, the orange soup (carrot and orange) was an interesting starter, and we all sat on the patio in the sun with a can of Heineken, to celebrate the inauguration of our new King. It felt great.

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