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The years seem to pass ever quicker and we are again approaching the Season of the Summer Stress (I blogged about this last year!).

You feel it ‘in the air’ – the increasing traffic, the pressure to get a table at a restaurant, the crescendo of noise in general with music in most squares and TV screens everywhere for the football (Spain is out so the cheers will no longer reverberate through the town). It is fun atmosphere, with fashion shows, flamenco dancing and circus activities in the Alameda square.

You easily recognize the residents – they are the pale ones who have to make their income over the short ‘High Season’ (mid June to mid September) and have no time to go to the beach. They work predominantly in the ‘hospitality industry’ and their ‘mission’ is to ensure that the vacation dream of the guests becomes a reality.

It is not the guests’ problem when there is a general electricity failure or the town water is cut off for a few hours with no prior notice. It is not their problem that the sewage (plumbing) in Spain leaves much to be desired and a ‘stinky blockage’ always occurs on a Sunday! It is not their problem that our trusted and much appreciated guide in Tangier needs to be by his wife’s bedside when she comes round from a cancer operation, so there is confusion on their arrival in Tangier even though Martina has been on the phone non-stop since the crack of dawn (there is a one hour’s time difference with Morocco) trying to change tickets. This time we were lucky as we had guests who –although disappointed and frustrated – understood our dilemma. It is not always like that.

Now we have lovely guests from Portugal and his mother has a guesthouse there so they understand immediately that we cannot offer parking; (I could ‘hug’ them!).

I have been sassing out a newly opened beach bar/restaurant in THE perfect location, especially for sundowners. PAPAGAYO has taken over from Berebar (which was my absolute favourite for a lunchtime couscous) but I have to say I think they have hit on a winning concept – a larger terrace, ‘fast-food’ (great variety of hamburgers) and a ‘kids´corner’. Very friendly service, colourful entourage, young and ‘with it’. For me, rather loud music!

And so shops, restaurants and bars in Tarifa are constantly changing. New owners, new concepts, new enthusiasm. I wish them luck.

In the meantime, DAR CILLA does NOT change ! Same formula, same team, and we are still No. 1 in the area on Trip Adviser. Our objective is to maintain our high standard of comfort, cleanliness and conviviality. Martina, MariLuz and myself have now been working together for more than ten years. Peter and MariCarmen have been with us also for some years. I am delighted to have Vincy and Suzanne on board (both Dutch). I truly believe we have a WINNING TEAM.

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