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Beach restaurant Spin Out

For me, it is a question of good planning, i.e. TIMING. It may only be mid April but given the perfect weather the beach restaurant Spin Out (one of the very favourite spots of the kite and wind surfing community and families with children) is heaving.

I got here early enough to park my car on their spacious parking (you only pay in high season) but on leaving there was not a space to be found. New this year are the plentiful deck chairs on the protected lawn – families with young children tend, understandably, to monopolize this. Lots of super-slim-super-brown bodies in bikinis, more often than not accompanied by wet-suited surfers with plenty of tattoos.

At this time of year most of them are locals, so there is a great air of bonhomie. You order your lunch at the bar, pay for it, and they call out your name when it is ready. Lots of long, blue tables, efficient friendly service, and what I appreciate is that they clear the tables so quickly.

The kite and wind surfers are pure entertainment. I take my folding chair down to the beach and sit at a safe distance from the huge kites with all their lines. Most of them are very professional and race across the water but the kites appear to hang serenely somewhere above them.

Beach restaurant Spin Out is so beautiful I feel privileged to be a ‘resident’ spectator. It is the holiday scene ‘par excellence’ – the dream that the travel brochures sell is here a reality.

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