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Magical evenings

Every so often it is totally wind-still in the evening. This is very often in combination with the full moon.

At around 21.00 hrs (depending on the season) the sun is going down and the whole village is bathed in a pink glow. Our guests stand together in a hushed silence, imbibing the beauty of the moment, cameras at the ready. Thanks to Facebook, I am aware that that photograph is already winging its way to various countries and continents. They sip their pre-dinner drinks before going out to supper. It is a magical moment.

Now It is around 23.00 hrs and guests are returning to Dar Cilla after dinner. The subdued wall lights (which come on and go off on a timer) give a warm glow, and there is not a moth or mosquito anywhere – something for which I am eternally grateful as I am decidedly allergic to things that buzz or flutter or bite. The terrace looks completely different now, with the flickering candles alight in their Moroccan glass holders (and for once no wind to blow them out!). I pick up snatches of conversation in English, Italian and Dutch .... The lights across the Strait on the Moroccan shoreline twinkle brightly. A hug (but HUGE!) 5-layer cruise ship glides slowly past, all 5 storeys ablaze with light. .Personally, I feel glad to be sitting on my terrace, and not with the thousands on that ship!

For a while I am mesmerized by the flashes of the Tarifa lighthouse, proudly standing sentinel at the entrance to the harbour. The last ferry leaves for Morocco, moving slowly out of the harbour then gathering speed. Yet again, I am reminded of what a fantastic place I live in, with surely one of the world’s most wonderful views, looking across to northern Africa from southern Europe. Unique.

Yes, a magical moment indeed. I count my blessings.

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